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FIS, beyond knowledge...

As your trusted partner, Faradanesh Inspection Services aims to provide you with innovative inspection services, beyond what is ordinarily offered, in order to lower the risk and increase productivity of your business activities and also help to create a sustainable development process to assist you with the upcoming challenges.

Food and Agricultural Products

Foodstuff & Agricultural and Herbal oil Products

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Consumer Products

Textiles, Cellulose, Home Appliances, Chemicals, Polymer, Medical Supplies, Automotive Parts, Electrical Appliances, Detergents & Hygiene Products

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Industrial Products

Oil and gas, Electrical and Mechanical, Telecommunication equipment, Metal & Industrial Machinery

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Oil, gas and petrochemical

Petroleum and Petroleum Derivatives, Natural Gas, Petrochemical Products, Organic Liquids, Inorganic Oils, Bitumen

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Mineral Products

Non-metallic minerals, Mineral raw materials, Construction products

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Inspection For Service Companies

Tourism, Sport Centers, Municipal & Utilities, Treatment & Care, Education & Knowledge Based Companies

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